Advocate for OH&S legislation in Nova Scotia to include bullying and psychological harassment. (Ongoing).

“The law is supposed to protect employees from work hazards. The scientific literature shows that humiliation, harassment, intimidation and other forms of abuse are harmful like physical injuries. If a box fell on Ms. Harpell’s head, she would be covered. But here she is not. Nova Scotia is half a century behind the times.”

– Larry Haiven, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University


  • Nova Scotia is the only jurisdiction in Canada that has no legislation or has publicly announced the intention of introducing legislation to outlaw bullying and psychological harassment in workplaces.
  • International Labour Organization with Canada’s backing calls for anti-bullying laws.
  • On June 19, the provincial Labour Board Annette Harpell’s complaint that she was psychologically abused at her job with Lawton’s Drug Stores and said it was up to the provincial government to change the law to cover such a situation.

Below is a detailed account of Annette Harpell’s case from Larry Haiven, professor Emeritus Saint Mary’s University. Notes on OH&S and WCB coverage of bullying and psychological injury across Canadian jurisdictions.

Campaign against NDA’s (ongoing)

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Equity watch supports the campaign that is ongoing from Dr. Julie Macfarlane and Zelda Perkins, to ban the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements in cases of bullying and sexual harassment.

Our NDA campaign has a separate page on our website you can visit here: All About NDAs